about connection close on api --> uc4.close()

Discussion created by Olgun_Onur_Ozmen on Oct 17, 2017
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    we have a api integration in flow between other system and automic. 
Other system is calling automic in several times when running this flow. 
we have a user connection problem. if flow ended (normally or ended not ok) api calls with user (i see system owerview) connect and disconnect normally. 
but problem is ,when i executing flow and api calls automic via user(api uses), during this time other system fail middle of somewhere ,this user can not disconnect and piling up on system overview user section and blowing CP connection up. 

    we use // uc4.close() // method .
My question , is there any other method on api user disconnection ? or any comment this example scripts on below ? 

example of api scripts about uc4.close() 
ExecuteObject exec = new ExecuteObject(new UC4ObjectName("UPDATE.JOBSTART.SQL")); 
string[] runId = scheduleObject.EnterpriseJobSchedulerId.Split(';'); 
exec.putPromptBuffer("RUNID", runId[0]); 

many thanks.