New idea: Don't trash the AWI config on update

Discussion created by Carsten_Schmitz on Oct 17, 2017
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Ulrich Clarke The Fourth had big plans on that fateful night. Alas, none of it was meant to be ...

As an admin for UC4, he just wanted to install a quick hotfix for AWI before heading out of the office. The second he clicked "undeploy", he realized he didn't secure the config folder. Believing this to be nothing more than a somewhat upsetting annoyance, he proceeded to restore the configuration from some backups. This, however, took about ten minutes of his time. U.C. the Fourth finally grabbed his jacket and headed out of the office to meet up with his wife and seven kids at the homeless shelter, where he sometimes volounteered.

Then he was hit by a bus. Had he left on time, there would have been no bus.

Not trashing the configuration when undeploying webapps saves lifes!

Vote for externalized configurations.