Implementing automation to stop and start SAP through UC4.

Discussion created by Karina_Mankauskas_553 on Oct 19, 2017
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We are implementing automation to stop and start SAP through UC4.

As we have multiple servers and dependencies, we are facing some difficulties and exemplifies.
Example: Job B can only start after the end of A due to dependency and this is not happening, because the Job A's RETCOD is 0, that is, it did what it set out to do.

  help is to implement or suggest something we can do to control what is highlighted below (STARTING), that is, Job B can only be started when the "STATUS" column is all 'up'.
 I imagine something like a loop or something along those lines.

I use in Process tab the following command: ssh dcprd019128 /ex/start.sistema

I received in report the following result:

cmrunnode: Cluster is already running on "dcprd019129".

 PACKAGE        STATUS           STATE            AUTO_RUN    NODE      

    NFS_np0        up               running          enabled     dcprd019128

    NFS_app1       up               running          enabled     dcprd019128

    DB_np0         up               running          enabled     dcprd019128

    ABAP_np0       starting         starting         enabled     dcprd019128

    PACKAGE        STATUS           STATE            AUTO_RUN    NODE      

    CI_np0         relocate_wait    relocate_wait    enabled     unowned    

    JAVA_npj       relocate_wait    relocate_wait    enabled     unowned   

    J11_npj        relocate_wait    relocate_wait    enabled     unowned   

    WEB_nw0        relocate_wait    relocate_wait    enabled     unowned   



**  ucxjlx6m   version 10.0.8+hf.1.build.533    changelist 7754106    **

**  JOB 215235003 (ProcID:0000037172) ENDED AT 09.09.2017 / 18:03:41   **

**                                   UTC TIME 09.09.2017 / 21:03:41   **

**  TEXT="        Job ended               "  RETCODE=00               **


Is it possible to implement a control of this?