Automation Engine installation script

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Oct 23, 2017
Here’s a script I wrote to install the Automation Engine and related programs on Linux, including:
  • Service manager for the AE server
  • AE server
  • Utilities
  • DB initial data (including changing the tablespace name in the .sql files)
  • Service manager for the agent
  • Agent
  • INI and related files

I just installed v12.0.3 using the script. It completed all of the above operations in about 3 seconds.

There are three paths you must configure at the top of the script.:

  • The target installation directory;
  • The path where the AWA installation files reside. These are the .tgz files extracted from the .zip files downloaded from the Automic Downloads site.
  • The path where the INI and other config files reside. The file names are important, and must follow the naming convention used by the script. (See below for example file names for the DEV environment.)
The script is designed to facilitate easy installation in our environment, where we have four primary staging environments  (EXP, DEV, TEST or PROD), and where each AE server runs on two nodes, A & B.

The script takes three arguments:

  1. The staging environment of the target server — EXP, DEV, TEST or PROD
  2. The node letter of the target server — A or B
  3. The version to install — e.g., 12.0.3
./Install_AE_Server.sh EXP A 12.0.3

Config files
You must create the configuration files ahead of time. Here are the files for the DEV environment:


  • The script installs the software into new sub-directories under the target folder, with the version number as a suffix.
  • The script does not run the DB load or start any of the installed programs.
  • The script does not install the RA core, SQL agent, or other agents.
  • The script does not install the INI files for the agent or its service manager.
  • If you use the standard tablespace names, you will want to disable this portion of the script.
Obviously, you’ll have to customize this script to make it work well for you. It has already saved me a lot of time. Enjoy!