Hotfix Update for 11.2

Discussion created by admin on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by Wolfgang_Brueckler_1288
Good Afternoon,

We're finally able to go forward with our updates to our current system (11.2.1) to the latest hotfix for this build (11.2.6 HF1).  Based on our research and discussion with support, these are the steps that it looks like we have to take:
1 - Download the install for 11.2.6 HF1
2 - Ensure all tasks/queues are stopped
3 - Shutdown all services in Service Manager and Windows services (also stop Agents)
4 - Copy the DB directory on the Automation.Engine directory
5 - Load UC_UPD.TXT, then set the start parameter in USCRV.ini to COLD
6 - Run the updates on the AE server
8- Update all Agent files
9 - Start all Services
10 - Verify the application is working, then start all Agents
11 - Update the UI, and advise all other users to update their UI
12 - Have the application owners start their queues and begin testing

Just wondering if anyone has had any experience going to this version using similar steps to this and if you encountered any issues.  This is our first update that we're running using Automic, and since we have 2 completely separate environments for both DEV and PROD, we are taking the downtime/upgrade path instead of the Zero Downtime Upgrade.

Thanks in advance for the help!!