Main Functions of Output and Resource Work Processes

Discussion created by Pascal_Osthus-bugat_1753 on Oct 31, 2017
On each One Automation Instance two specific roles are assigned each of them to one Workprocess, the Output Workprocess (OWP)  and the Resource Workprocess (RWP).

In the following list you will find the main functions assigned to OWP and RWP:
"O" for outputs                                  
  • Stores log messages of server processes and agents to the AE database
  • Stores activation reports of ERP and Java agents of the Automation Engine
            "R" for resource calculations                                  
  • Checks Sync objects
  • Calculates Calendar objects
  • Maximum number of simultaneousobjectexecutions
  • Events of type "Console"
  • Automatic FileSystem events
  • Deadlock avoidance

More about this topic can be found on the following link from the One Automation here.