Connecting with SAP system to search for Job Names

Discussion created by CraigSweeney611038 on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by Alexander_Trenker_120
When creating a SAP R3 job in AE, I'm having trouble retrieving the list of the available SAP jobs from the AE Sap object search.

I've attached a word document with some screen shots. Screenshot 1 shows the Job Form in the R3 object I've created. I've provided the host name and the r3 connection information in the attributes tab and saved the job. You can see from the area circled in blue that it has connected with the SAP system.

Screenshot 2 shows the object which appears once I select the search option (highlighted in red on screenshot 1). On this screen, I would expect the "Job Status" options to be available, but all are grey and only the "scheduled" tick box is selected. When I put the name of a job which I know exists in the Job Name field and click Find, I get the 3rd screenshot

As you can see from this screenshot highlighted in red in the bottom left corner, the Form Job on the R3 host has failed.  I would expect it to have retreived the details of the SAP job in a search box as per screenshot 4 (From our production system)

If I manually type the name of the SAP job into the Job Name field on screenshot 1 and execute the job, It connects to SAP and runs the job successfully.

Anyone know what could be the issue with the job retrieval aspect ?