Java CALL API - Is possible to retrieve the executed job run-id running instead of CALL API script.

Discussion created by Selva_Ganesh_Arulanantham_9743 on Nov 9, 2017
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Hi Team,

Is it possible to retrieve the run-id of activated job instead of script id.

piece of code:
automicJobScript = ":SET &ACTJOB# = ACTIVATE_UC_OBJECT("+jobName+",wait)";
                    response =uc4.activateScript(automicJobScript); 
if it executed successfully i am retrieving "OK" Message.

When i call this method UC4.getRunNumber(). It returning CALL API run-id not the Activated-job id. Please advise.

In addition,is it possible to Send more than one command in activateScript.

Please share your thoughts.