Max Runtime - RECURSIVE cancel

Discussion created by joel_wiesmann_automic on Nov 13, 2017

Hi all

I placed a MRT on a JOBP with "else cancel" condition. This seems only to cancel the workflow, but no subtask (=> it's not recursive). The alternative would be to start an object instead of the "else-cancel" option that takes care on the cancellation.

As on V10 the CANCEL_UC_OBJECT seems also not to support a recursive mode I'm thinking about programming a SCRI with SQL-query to recursively cancel a JOBP.

So: anyone has another idea on how to achive the above? Did I miss something? I can not imagine that I'm the first one running into this.


//Edit: in this moment I realized the ALL - "extension" for workflow/schedule/group objects will exactly do what I'm looking for. So SQL won't be necessary..