AWI 12.0.2 and ARA - "Invalid credentials to start execution" issue on pre-scheduled executions.

Discussion created by Vlad_N on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2018 by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348

@Automic Community,

We’ve already had couple INC tickets with Automic Support but we want also to see if any users of ARA/AWI had experienced similar issues and possibly found a fix or workaround.

After upgrade to v12.0 of AE and ARA we have noticed intermittent issues that affect some of the scheduled workflow executions in ARA when using AWI 12.0.2.

1.      The user would schedule Application or General Workflow in ARA for some specific time to be triggered in the future.

2.      AWI/ARA will prompt the user for its password during scheduling of the execution.

3.      When Workflow execution scheduled time arrives ARA marks execution as Failed with “Invalid credentials to start execution” error message in the execution history log.

4.      The user is forced to reschedule or set the workflow to execute immediately with the same startup parameters. The workflow runs fine at this point. This delays the intended processes and especially if the workflow meant to be started unattended.


Some more background:

  • This issue is experienced by multiple different users; some of them have full Admin privileges on AE/ARA/AWI.
  • This does not happen all the time for the same users and same workflows.
  • The user does not change their password after the execution is scheduled.
  • It happens to different workflows.
  • AE/ARA/AWI systems are setup in load balanced environment on two Windows Servers.