Step to Remove Specific Execution in ARA

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We need a solution to remove :

A - Specific Executions from ARA. e..g. ARA process run id : 2057279, 2065202
B - All executions for a specific Application.

A - The parameter you are looking for is "--id"

example :
DB-cleanup --id "2057279,2065202"

B - You can use the parameters below :
  • "--applications" : name of the application(s)
  • "--olderthan" : set to "0" to remove all executions (--olderthan 0 = older than today).
  • "--keepatleast" : set to "0" to remove all executions - no minimum number of executions to be kept.
example :
DB-cleanup --applications "MyAppNumber1, MyAppNumber2" --olderthan "0" --keepatleast "0"

Foot note:

1 - you can get the list of parameters with the DB-cleanup -help command.
DB-cleanup -help
INFO : Parsing options from application config file
INFO : Parameters from configuration file:
INFO :     olderThan =
INFO :     keepAtLeast =
INFO :     applications =
INFO :     workflows =
INFO :     archivedOnly =
INFO :     force = false
INFO :     verbose = max
INFO :     fi =
INFO :     id =
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  --connectionString    Connection string to the ARA database.

  --olderThan           Only executions having an end-date older than the
                        specified number of days are considered. Default is 90.

  --keepAtLeast         Defines how many executions must remain per workflow
                        independent from their end date. Default value is 5.

  --applications        Comma-separated list of application names. If set, only
                        executions of the specified applications are considered.

  --workflows           Comma-separated list of workflow names. For application
                        workflows this parameters has to be set in conjunction
                        with the applications parameter. If the applications
                        parameter is not set, only general workflows are

  --archivedOnly        Flag whether only archived executions should be
                        deleted. Default value is False.

  --force               Flag whether the utility should also delete executions
                        that belong to a current installation. Default value is

  --verbose             Level of textual output to screen or log file. Possible
                        values: min, med, and max. Default is min.

  --fi                  Optionally mirror screen output to a log file. Messages
                        will have timestamp appended before it.

  --id                  Comma-separated id of executions to be deleted. At
                        most, you can specify 100 executions id using this


  --help                Display this help screen.

2 - You can hardcode settings in "DB-Cleanup.exe.config" with <add key> tags.

<add key "applications" value="MyApp1,MyApp2">

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