Reconnecting after reset database / CPs & WPs behavior

Discussion created by Tuan_Hoang_Anh_9665 on Nov 21, 2017
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There was a question asked so far:
If DB is rebooted, are CPs and WPs stopped due to DB connection loss?
and when DB connection becomes available, do CPs and WPs automatically reconnect?

- When your DB is stopped or the connection to DB is not available (e.g ODBC issues), CPs and WPs will not be terminated, however they will continuously looking for the connection. Unless a sudden issue happens that makes your CPs & WPs stop, they will be connected and working normally when the DB is up and available again.
- In case CPs and WPs are stopped (for any reason), they will not be automatically started up and you have to start them up manually or via Service Manager.
Above is the common behavior of AE.
If anyone has encountered any scenarios where things went unexpected, we can continue discussing here as well as let Automic Support know via ticket.