Recovering database

Discussion created by johnlewis604562 on Nov 21, 2017
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I am trying to test the recovery of our SQL Automic database, We have 2 environments which are identical in configuration. So I back up the database on the Production system and restored this then to the Non Production. That part went well and the ODBC connection works. The problem I have is when I start the CP & WP services, They start and then stop.

DBload is able to connect to the database.

Ths logs shows the following for all of these

U00022012 Process 'UC4 WP1/UC4 WP-Server - Termination in progress' (ID '36564') ended.
20171121/101501.457 - U00022022 Process 'UC4 WP1/UC4 WP-Server - Termination in progress' ended, exit code='5132'.

Any idea what exit code 5132 means, or where the list of codes can be found.