LDAP Sync Tool: Remove Users from AE

Discussion created by Tran-Hoang_Hau_348 on Nov 22, 2017
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I was reading over the LDAP Sync Scenarios: 

I was hoping to get some more information about how we can automate the removal of the AE user. I understand that the user would no longer be able to login to AE, since the LDAP authentication would fail and that they would be removed from LDAP sync'd AE groups if they were removed from that group in AD, but my understanding is that the AE user object would be left in AE. Is there a way we can get around that? If not with the LDAP sync tool, is there a database query that we can use to remove users or some other means by which to automate this? 

=> Well when the user is not belong to LDAP  group, in AE user will be set to In active and the LDAP connection is uncheck
and User Object is not Deleted


So if you want to delete the user object you can follow this image below, select all of them and delete in one click  :)


If you want to check the user in AE's database you can run the simple SQL statement below

select * from USR where USR_Ldap='0' and USR_Active='0'

and I wouldn't suggest to delete any objects via SQL statement