security alert on uccmpmsl.exe when scanning the installation files on version 12.1

Discussion created by Jeremy_Clere_7804 on Nov 27, 2017
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one of our customers is preparing to upgrade their test environment to version 12. We transfer the installation file and while scanning it they got alert on uccmpmsl.exe. This is what we received from their IT security department: the file was identified as a virus by a couple of AV engines. can you please send clarification for this file and why it pop ups the alerts when scanning it?

Please do not worry and we can assure you that the files in the download center do not contain any virus.
We have consulted with our security department and the file UccmpMsl.exe has been explicitly checked again.
We tested 64 scanners, 8 of them displayed a Trojan.Heur2. This is a "heuristic" exam where code patterns are compared.
The "Compare Messages" tool in the Automation Engine shows a similar pattern, so some virus scanners strike.
You can use the image without hesitation. If you want to be sure and do not want to use this tool, you can also delete the UccmpMsl.exe file.