How to populate data from Variable Objects to Prompset Objects dynamically

Discussion created by Srujan_Pathuri_9871 on Nov 28, 2017
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Hello All,

We are on V12. I have created one Promptset Object and created different prompt elements in it.One of my drop down list element "Customer Name" is set to take values dynamically by taking the data reference value from VARA.SQL.CUSTOMER object (created by me) and the variable name is defined as &CUSTOMER# for this prompt element.So whatever the customer name we select in the list will get stored in &CUSTOMER# variable.Till now it's working perfect.

But the scenario is I want to get the ID of the corresponding customer which is selected above to be passed to the other variable object VARA.SQL.ENVIRONMENTS which in turn referenced to the next drop down list element "Select Environments".

Note: VARA.SQL.CUSTOMER variable object results two columns Name and ID and VARA.SQL.ENVIRONMENTS contains the SQL query which takes ID of the customer ,instead of customer name.

Kind of tricky one.Any ideas on how to achieve this . Please do the needful.

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