Proxy installation/configuration

Discussion created by Keld_Mollnitz on Dec 1, 2017
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I have an open Information Request ticket and Support suggested to post my question in here hoping that some would be able to answer.

I have a DMZ zone where I have installed a few hundreds Agents, everything else (this includes AE, database, Users and the majority of agents) are all located in my internal network.

I want want agents to connect to a Automic Proxy Server in DMZ which then connects to the Automic Proxy Client in my internal network through a firewall.

In my internal network I also want my agents and users to connect to an Automic Proxy Server. My question is: Can the Automic Proxy Server in my internal network connect to the Proxy Client (which is already connect to the Proxy Server in DMZ) ? Or do I need to install a separate Proxy Client for this?