Sysload for UNIX : Collector : VMware Guest API is not running in a Virtual Machine

Discussion created by Stephane_Le_Goffic_6129 on Dec 5, 2017
After installation, the Collector's for "Agent for UNIX" can not start. We could find in the Collector's log file "usr/local/sysload/coll/sldrmd.log" the following errors:

"[coll] OVirtualizationEsx_OpenHandle : OpenHandle failed (iRc=2 -> 'VMware Guest API is not running in a Virtual Machine')" 

In order to correct this error, you could: 

  • Install VMTools on the Unix server and restart the agent
  • Modify the Collector's configuration file: 

1 - Stop the Collector
2 - Modify the parameter DisableVMGuestLib in the <sysload>/coll/conf/sldrmd-init"  file

[PARAM] DisableVMGuestLib=1
#Format                : Bolean
#Optional/Mandatory    : Optional
#Deactivation/Activation of the check if the VMware tools are installed on the
machine. If VMware tools are found then the program will try to do timekeeping correction
#Set to "0" in the default configuration file
#Appeared in v5.20

3 - Save your changes
4 - Restart the Collector