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Discussion created by IanFindon611036 on Dec 6, 2017
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Hi all,
Was wondering if anyone could offer a better solution to the way I have build the scenario below ...

Requested to create a workflow containing 3 x JOBS objects which is to execute every 20 minutes 24 x 7
Done using "EXECUTE - RECURRING" to create a "C_PERIOD" container, which is in line with our current method of  configuring recurring executing workflows.

Job 1 is an FTP job, it runs a script batch file as the source server is not in AE environment  and transfers a number of .csv files to a target server within AE and will complete successfully even if no files are transferred.

Straight forward no configuration required.

Job 2 is a SAP job, It should only execute if files have been transferred by the FTP 

Used "Task Properties - Preconditions" - check file - if file *.csv exists - run task - else skip (not using a Re-Evaluate as want the job to skip).
Also how can I get this job to wait for a couple of minutes to ensure the file transfer has completed in its entirety

Job 3 is a UNIX job and should only run if job 2 executes successfully (files where present).

Used "Task Properties - Dependencies" - All states much match Job 2 - Status = ENDED_NOT_OK - else skip.

I have tested using an AE FTP JOBF transferring files between 2 servers in the AE environment and if the files exist, Jobs 2 & 3 execute as expected - If the files on the source are changed\deleted Job 1 fails so I had to change the check file name and re-run - using the "Task Properties - Preconditions & Dependenices" above Jobs 2 & 3 skip to get a successful execution.

Is there a better or easier way of accomplishing this scenario? All suggestions very much welcomed.