U00005137 Conversation memory '1357013228' missing.

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Dec 8, 2017
I’m developing an updated version of the GAELAT workflow (for fetching specific AE logs & traces). During testing, I ran into a problem I have not seen before. Several times, the workflow hung in Waiting for user input status, but the prompt set never appeared. When I selected the workflow in the Activities list and chose Modify task parameters, the following error* appeared.
Error: U00005137 Conversation memory '1357290283' missing.
Three instances of the error also appeared in one of the WP logs. I was unable to cancel the workflow, and ultimately had to use Modify status manually to set the task to another status (e.g., ENDED_NOT_OK - aborted).

Has anyone see this problem before? This happened in AE v12.0.2. So far, I have not seen the same problem in AE v12.0.3 HF3.

* The documentation does not provide additional information about message U00005137.