Discussion created by Malik_Abdul_8942 on Dec 12, 2017


I understand that I need to check each on each JOBS if the option "File" is not checked in the "Job report" section. For Unix jobs, it is located in the UNIX tab. If the "File" option is checked then the report will remain in the out directory

Does that mean "File" is not checked in the "Job report" section at unix and RA jobs then no report backup will generate under OUT/TEMP directory but we are able to see the logs in job and at database, am I right? 

If so shall we uncheck the File option in every Job report or else shall we comment straightly in agent.ini files to avoid commenting File option in all jobs



You don’t need to do anything on the agent.ini file. The report will be available in the database. The only reason that the report can be stored on the file drive is if the report is bigger than MAX_REPORT_SIZE and REPORT_BLKSIZE.

I would suggest looking at our documentation page for MAX_REPORT_SIZE and REPORT_BLKSIZE which defines whether the agent should store the report in the AE database and/or in a file in the host-specific tabs of Jobs. The report is truncated and stored to the database if it exceeds the maximum specified number of blocks. If only the option "Job report" - "Database" has been selected, the file is deleted on the agent computer after it has successfully been transferred.