eventobjecttype://UC4/OM/ArchiveHeader - Custom Attribute no longer populating after changing source

Discussion created by Malik_Abdul_8942 on Dec 12, 2017


After switching the Production source (UC4) database from DB2 to Oracle. 
We had previously added a custom attribute to the event base, UC4ArchiveHeader.Alias. 
After changing the source database, the Alias field is not getting populated. 
We had previously made the same change to our NonProd instance and did not have this problem. 

Looking at the AH adapter for both Eventbases (App assurance) I see that we have alias listed for the nonprod and not the prod system. Could you please let me know what the default query is that comes out of the box when you install a UC4 app assurance eventbase.? There 'should' be one out on the support PCO box(s). 


You need to add AH_alias as Alias to the select SQL query that the eventbase uses to pull data from the AE DB.

It’s important to understand how PCO pulls data from the Automation Engine. 

Here is how you find this information: 

1. Log into Modelling studio as a superuser account. This is probably default UC/UC on your box. 

2. On the left pane look for 'Event Adapters' -> 'AH Adapter' 

3. Right click on AH adapter and click 'Show Properties' 

4. On the right pane there is a property that is called 'Parameter' and it should have a value of type (collection). 

5. Click in the collection value and three dots " ..." should show up on the right of the value. 

6. Click that and you will see all the values for the UC4 source pull adapter. I was modifying the Query value to get some extra AH records from the DB.