File System Event on z/OS

Discussion created by Andreas_Sprosec_7439 on Dec 18, 2017
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If you have Automic on Mid-range and TWS on zOS the zOS technicians are reluctant to install the the Automic zOS agent as they see it as a first step to take work from TWS and zOS

It seems that in section 4 (“Create the started task for the agent”) there is a contradiction in the description.

And we said …

The Automic zOS agent is needed for File Transfer as FTP will be closed on zOS.


The zOS technicians suggested the following

1.       SFTP

Technicians pointed out that there would be more maintenance required for an additional SFTP server on midrange

2.       Transfer to USS so that they can take care of codepage translation etc

The Automic zOS agent takes care of that already and will perform the ASCII to EBCDIC and codepage translation


The Automic zOS agent install was rejected as the doc states that BPX.DAEMON requires UACC(READ) which is a security exposure.

The doc also states the Agent User requirements and it does require READ access to BPX.DAEMON but that is restricted to that assigned user.



The zOS agent should be installed with these requirements and not the universal (UACC) requirements