Oracle Tablespace Increase

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You Asked

How can we find the most space consuming objects in a tablespace?

And we said …

This script monitors existing object space availability usage:


col segment_name    format a30 hea OBJECTNAME
col partition_name  format a30
col tablespace_name format a30
col bytes format 9,999,990.00 hea "USED (MB)"

Select  segment_name
       ,segment_type objecttype
       ,nvl(bytes / 1024 / 1024, 0) bytes
       ,nvl(initial_extent, 0)  INITIALEXT
       ,nvl(next_extent, 0)     NEXTEXT
       ,nvl(extents, 0)         NUMEXTENTS
       ,nvl(max_extents, 0)     "MAXEXTENTS"
from   user_segments
order by 1,2