Search not showing all results in V12.1

Discussion created by MatthiasSchelp on Dec 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2018 by lbarroso
Hi Community,

I recently held a seminar about new features between version 10 - 12.1. When demonstrating the new search functionality in our 12.1 dev environment, some of my colleagues got significant less results than me.

So I did a little research on that and found the following. When I add a NOT statement to the users permissions I get less results than without the NOT statement.

Okay, that is to be expected. Automic doesn't want me to see objects I don't have permission on. But, the only thing I did was denying Write Access to object with "TEST" in it's name.


And here is what I get as result (sorry for the german screenshots). Notice that there are still objects with "test" in it's name in the results.


The same user does get 3 times more results without the NOT statement in its permissions


Even worst, when I make the NOT statement more specific like the one below, so that it doesn't match any object. I get no results at all.



Is this a bug or am I just going bananas? To me it looks like someone at Automic made a reverse logic error.

Regards, Matthias