Difference between OH_Ert and AH_ERT

Discussion created by Tuan_Hoang_Anh_9665 on Dec 27, 2017
Hi all,
There has been a question asked lately:
What is the difference between AH_ERT and OH_Ert as DB Schema only shows:
AH_ERT   |   Long Integer   |  4  |   UC: Null=True  |   Estimated Runtime
OH_Ert    |    Long Integer  |   4  |   UC: Null=True  |   Estimated runtime in seconds

The answer is:
- Yes they are both Estimated runtime in seconds, but the difference is that OH_Ert displays the estimated runtime for the current version of the object while AH_ERT displays the estimated runtime for all executions (statistically) of all versions of that object which has been executed. The name pretty much states it all, OH table contains objects' info while AH tatble contains statistical info.
- You can do a simple experiment to understand the difference as follow: run the following queries
(where x is a valid Object Id that you can pick upon your own will)
The result of first query is the record of current version of the object, while the result of second query shows the statistics of executions of that object.
Go to column AH_ERT, you will see the latest executions, the value is equal to OH_Ert while older values may be different according to the different settings of previous versions of that object.
You can modify the object (i.e adding scripts) and execute, then try to select the database again to see the changes.

Hope the above explanation can help you understand the similarity and difference of those values

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