Variable in POSTCONDITION not having value set in Action

Discussion created by AjayOri611470 on Jan 2, 2018
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Hello Community,

Best wishes for the New Year 2018.

I am using ARA version 12.0.1HF2, running on Windows with SQL database.

I have an issue when I check the value of a variable in the POSTCONDITION tab.

Users should input file share path in a dynamic property of the package. Latter is reference in a prompt set. The action checks whether a value is entered. If this is the case, the variable &ROUTINE_EXIST#  is set to Y, otherwise it is set to N. In the POSTCONDITION, when &ROUTINE_EXIST# is set to Y, it checks whether the file share exists.. This check is done in the POSTCONDITION of the action.

See attached action_configuration.docx for configuration details. See attached action_report.docx. for the Activation Report of the action.

Is there any configuration error in the flow, which is making this fail?

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