Issue running db archive

Discussion created by johnlewis604562 on Jan 2, 2018
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I have created a task to perform db archive, but I am having a problem. If I run the task using a login object that is based on my main domain admin account, all works great. I created a local account (prd_lcl_Automic) and made it a member of the local admins group and the task does not run.

the error log shows the following.

20180102/231309.107 - U00003621 Version of Automation Engine database objects: ''
20180102/231309.122 - U00032203 Logon with user 'PRD_LCL_AUTOMIC/%'.
20180102/231309.122 - U00032206 Logon with user 'PRD_LCL_AUTOMIC/%' was not successful. Access denied.
20180102/231309.122 - U00003523 UCUDB: Maximum time required for a DB call: '3:031.315.457'.
20180102/231309.122 - U00003522 UCUDB: Database closed. Total time for DB calls: '3:037.890.652' seconds.

Can anyone point in the right direction?