How to add or remove Action Packs

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The information mentioned in this post can easily be found in the documentation, but I thought maybe it'd help people to get onboarded with ARA if this information could be found in a single location.

Here is a (beginner) guide on how to add / update / remove Action Packs in ARA.

Method 1 : using the Package Manager (apm)

Can be found in the ARA image > Tools > Package.Manager.

1 -List of already installed packages

Just type in:
apm list


2 - Adding an Action Pack

a. From the Automic repository

* You need to update the list of available Action Packs
apm update

This will connect to the repository and provide you with an updated list of available action packs that you can install in your system.

Display the list of available packages :
apm search
Then press 'y' to get the complete list:

The list can also be seen in <Package.Manager_directory>\index

* Install an action pack
apm install <package_name>
example :

b.  From a file

You can download the Action Pack locally, then run the apm with "install --from-file <path to the action pack>" parameter to install it.

Example taken from the documentation:
apm install --from-file C:\

The complete list of available Action Packs can be found here:

Method 2  (v12 and up) : using the Plugin Manager

1 - Adding a action pack

a. Download the desired Action Pack from the Marketplace.
b. In the AWI scroll to the administration panel > Packs and click on "+ Install Pack"


In the pop-up window scroll to the Action Pack's location and open it:


Note : the zip file should be loaded as is - no need to unpack files:smile:

2 - Delete an Action Pack

Highlight the pack you want to delete and click on "X Remove"


Then confirm :

You will get a confirmation after the Action Pack has been removed:


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