[Quick question] A request to get jobs' datas and filter them by client

Discussion created by Julia_Buchner_9324 on Jan 9, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2018 by Wolfgang_Brueckler_1288
A question received by the support :
We are using an SQL query to get data out of AE DB about jobs not started due to FAULT_OTHER status. We would like to know how to do our request in order to check only against particular client.

You have a parameter AH_Client in the AH table, which permits you to filter your request:
select AH_Idnr, OH_Name, AH_Client
from AH join OH on (AH.AH_OH_Idnr=OH.OH_Idnr)
where AH_Status=1820
and AH_client=100;

Of course, you should adapt this request with any status code or client number. To get all status code, you can check this documentation: System Return Codes of Executable Objects