Is it permitted to create a second technical user in the AE repository database with read only

Discussion created by Hoai_Truong-Thi-Thu_5649 on Jan 12, 2018
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There has been a question asked lately:

Is it permitted to create a second technical user in the AE database with read only access to UC4 schema for any reporting, monitoring etc purposes.
Is there any support restriction in case of performance problems on engine or is there any security risk when this user is created?
If yes, what is recommendation from your perspective, how to retrieve data from engine, not to harm any policy.


From Automation Engine perspective, there is no restriction on the database user.
Database user can be created on the database which can access the AE database.
This is more than a request to your DBA than to Automic.
However, it is always not recommended to touch the database directly.
And Automic does not guarantee for any issue as a result.

Also, if you have any experience on doing the same task in your system, we would love to have your input below!               

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