Task Priority Setting

Discussion created by Paul_Smith_9332 on Jan 12, 2018


After migrating/converting Applications Manager chains to the Automation Engine, they keep the priority value they were assigned in the Applications Manager (150 or 130), but in the documentation the recommended value is 200 for the Automation Engine.
What is the difference between 130 or 150 and 200?
What effect does this setting have on the system?
For now, even if many JOBP objects have a priority of 200 instead of 150 or even 0 (we actually have quite a lot of JOBPs with priority set to 0 and we want to modify this) we can't see a direct impact on how the chains run.
Could you please recommend which value should be used - do we set the ones with 0 to 200 or to 150?


The default value on the Attributes tab for AE priority is '0'.
A value of '0'(Zero) for AE Priority on the Atrributes tab of an object means that the value from the key 'TASK_PRIORITY' in your UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS is taken when defined.
If you don't specify the key 'TASK_PRIORITY' in your 'UC_CLIENT_SETTINGS', the default value of '200' is applied.
The difference between a priority of 130/150 and 200 is that 130/150 is a higher priority value and task with this value will be started before those with a priority of 200.
This setting only influences the order in which tasks with a waiting condition are started.
It has no further influence over the task once it has started.
We recommend setting the priority of all objects on the attributes tab to either '200' or '0'.
Then, change the priorities of those objects you would like to run with more urgency over the others.
Any value lower than '200', would have a higher priority.