U02003028: No more UNIX environment in V12.1 with 12.1 agent

Discussion created by Carsten_Schmitz on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on May 4, 2018 by Carsten_Schmitz

I'm puzzled by the behaviour I just found on my dev installation. I'm sure this used to work before, not sure when it stopped working, or why:

Simply said, even the simplest UNIX jobs fail because there is no environment loaded. It does not matter whether I set the shell to "-bash" or "-ksh" or empty, the result of a simple "ls" shows that there is e.g. no $PATH set:

/opt/ae/12/agents/unix/bin/../temp/JAOTJZEV.TXT: line 4: ls: command not found

The user specified in the login object has a proper environment, and everything works just fine when I switch to that user with "su - username" on the server.  That user can read both /etc/passwd and /etc/shells just fine. We didn't mess with any UC_ variables in Client 0 recently.

The logfile of the agent says this:

20180112/124906.079 - U02003028 Shell '-bash' not found. Using standard shell.


U02003028 Shell '-sh' not found. Using standard shell.

or when I leave the shell in the job blank it says:

20180112/125101.362 - U02003028 Shell 'bash' not found. Using standard shell.

So whatever shell I set, it uses some "standard shell" that comes with no environment.

I tried to find a solution by looking at the strace of the agent process. Something I saw there about file descriptors made me laugh very hard, but it was unrelated and alas, there was nothing helpful regarding the problem at hand.

Does any kind soul have a hint, or can let me know whether this works for them with 12.1?


Update: It's not an agent problem. Tried a V10 agent, doesn't work either.