Including a check in the Job to check if Old Processes at OS level are active before starting a JOB

Discussion created by VaraprasadJanaki610376 on Jan 15, 2018
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Hi Friends,

First of all Happy New Year to all.Can any one share information(Steps to include) on my requirement below please.
We have UC4 job for Switch control.We have to implement below steps.(A script at Unix level is called by This job process)

1.If the result of the command beneath is > 0 than SC must not be started and a warning has to be shown if some one try to start this Job.

ps -ef | grep sc | grep mcd | grep scmng | grep -v "grep scmng" | wc –l

2.If possible it would be nice if a second run of this UC4 job after 15 minutes (manual run) which again finds the process scmng will kill the process wait 3 minutes and perform the normal Switch Control start command.

Thanks in Advance !

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