PRB00136191 — XML schema for AE object exports may change at any time.

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Jan 16, 2018

Automation Engine v12.0.4 includes a documentation fix, PRB00136191:

Objects can be exchanged between different  systems or between individual clients via the Import/Export function. The object                                           information is stored in an XML file. Since  this is not a supported interface for any other propose than that, the  documentation                                           of the XML file structure was  removed from the documentation. Changes to the XML file structure may  happen anytime.”

The updated documentation pages were the ones on upgrading from a previous version. E.g.,
Upgrading an AE System from Version 12.0 to Version 12.1.


This change makes more explicit Automic’s decision to retreat from offering documentation of the XML schema for AE object exports.


If you rely on the XML file format and would like Automic to document it again, please consider voting for this idea:

XML schema description for AE export file format 

I have also begun to put together my own very limited documentation of the AE XML schema, focused on identifying objects & object references in XML export files.