Which ini files / settings to change when moving the AE / ARA databases to a different server ?

Discussion created by Antoine_Sauteron_1266 on Jan 18, 2018
If one changes the location of the AE or ARA databases, he will have to adjust this information in several locations.

Automation Engine side

[ODBC] section

This concerns the AE server and all Utilities that connect to the Automation Engine Database.

While some of them are necessary (DB Archive / DB Reorg / DB Unload) because they are used in the DB maintenance process, the others can be discarded if you do not use them.

Here are the names related .ini files :
  • AE server : ucsrv.ini
  • DB Load : ucybdbld.ini
  • DB Unload : ucybdbun.ini
  • DB Reorg : ucybdbre.ini
  • DB Reporting Tool : ucybdbrt.ini
  • Client Copy : ucybdbcc.ini
  • Revision Report : ucybdbrr.ini

Setting the DSN

A - Oracle : there should be an entry in tnsnames.ora that corresponds to the DSN. You can also use a direct connection to the database.

B - MS SQL :

1 - AE server : you can either use
  • A direct connection to the database
SQLDRIVERCONNECT=ODBCVAR=NNNNNNRN,Driver={SQL Server Native Client 11.0};Server=tcp:localhost,1433;Database=AWA121;Uid=automic;PWD=******;MARS_CONNECTION=Yes    
  • or an ODBC connection (see below).
2 - Utilities : a valid DSN needs to be set in the ODBC Data Source Administrator (odbcad32.exe).


[JDBC] section - ucsrv.ini only

The connection string set there is used by the JWP and JCP (in v12.1) - and also by other server processes if there is no entry in [ODBC].

The connection to the database is made through the jdbc driver - you need to enter valid DB information here.


ARA side:


You will need to set the new entries in the customer.config file - as can be seen on this screenshot taken from the documentation:


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