EVENT.UNIXCMD writing out a temp file to the location the event is checking for files

Discussion created by RonGates608562 on Jan 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by Josef_Scharl_103

I have a questions about a file event that has a PREP_PROCESS script that gets kicked off when the event sees a file its checking for... The issue is that because I'm using the PREP_PROCESS its writing out a temp file to the same directory the event is checking for files... That's a problem because the event is picking up any file that gets written to that directory so it picks up (or attempts ) to pick the temp file up... ... but by the time the JOBF gets kicked off the temp file is gone so the JOBF object fails..

I opened a ticket with Automic and they said to post it in the community to see how others are handling this situation...They said I could update the location of the temp file by updating  EVENT.UNIXCMD  in client 0 ...has anybody done that? Any gotchas? concerns updating that? thanks