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How to use "move" or "freeform" option after FTP job completion with FTP AGENT

Question asked by AshutoshKumar612331 on Jan 24, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by AshutoshKumar612331
Hi people I am new to the world of Automic
We are using  Automic Web Interface version 12.0.1.GA01-353.
I have created new FTP agent, FTP connection and a new FTP job. This job transfers the multiple files from input locations(Batch Server) (Agent File System) to remote FTP server locations. Now the requirement is on successful completion of this FTP job the files should be moved from PATH1 to PATH2 in my Batch local server.
Can somebody explain how we can use the "Free Form" FTP JOB job command to achieve the movement of the files for this requirement?

P.S: I could have created another job post the success of this job to perform this activity through UNIX script but we have lot of FTP jobs and the frequency of all these jobs are different.

Thanks in Advance!