PSA: You need read rights to UC_ECC_PLUGINS to see RA tabs, and it's possibly not mentioned anywhere

Discussion created by Carsten_Schmitz on Jan 29, 2018

To whom it may concern:

It appears that you need "read" permissions to the object "UC_ECC_PLUGINS" to see, for example, the FTP tab of the RA FTP "solution" in AWI in 12.1, and probably back to 11.2 (for AWI and/or ECC).

If you don't have these permissions, the tab simply won't be there, and you'll be left wondering and searching and asking your users to clear browser caches (or maybe that's just me). There will not be any error message. I did not find any documentation mentioning this new requirement. If documentation exists, I have missed it.

Kudos MatthiasSchelp for spotting the proper object name in a Tomcat error message about something-something-ECC.

@Automic: Unless you can claim that this is documented, please document it in the appropriate spot(s).

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