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Moving the DB and COLD startup

Question asked by admin on Jan 31, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2018 by Carsten_Schmitz
We have to move our Dev DB to a different server (we are using Oracle), and I just wanted to know if anyone has had experience doing this before.  So far, I found an article about which files and settings to check after the move, and we're good there.  We're also going to follow this process before they take the DB down to make sure the app is ready:
1 - Stop all Queues
2 - Stop all services in Service Manager (ensuring WPs and CPs are also stopped)
3 - DBAs are moving the DB
4 - Confirm all settings are correct (we're using aliases so we are all set)
5 - After the move, start all services again and once they are running, start releasing queues and testing

One thing I wanted to know is if we should be updating USCRV.ini to STARTUP=COLD.  My assumption is yes but just wanted to be sure.