Improved way of running the AE DB Utility programs

Discussion created by Michael_Lowry on Feb 7, 2018
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A few months ago, Carsten_Schmitz_7883 discovered a way to force the AE DB Utility programs to write log and trace output to distinct files for each run. Here is an example ucybdbld.ini file for the AE DB Load program ucybdbld:
language  = (E)
logging   = /dev/stdout
logcount  = 10
helplib   = uc.msl
helpcache = ALL
input     = ../db/

file     = /dev/stderr
trccount = 10
database = 1
; 0=no
; 1=SQL
; 2=OPC
; 3=BindParam
; 4=data fields
So now I can run the program as follows:
./ucybdbld -Iucybdbld.ini -B -EREPLACE -FOT -C0001 -X/tmp/TC1.txt 1>ucybdbld_$$_log.txt 2>ucybdbld_$$_trc.txt
Log output goes to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Standard_streamsstandard output (1) and trace output goes to standard error (2). Each stream is in turn redirected to a separate file. Inclusion of the process ID ($$) in the output file names means that a unique log and trace file will be written for each run of the program.

I also created several copies of the INI file — one for each trace level:
  • ucybdbld-trace0.ini
  • ucybdbld-trace1.ini
  • ucybdbld-trace2.ini
  • ucybdbld-trace3.ini
  • ucybdbld-trace4.ini
This facilitates quick collection of traces. I just have to switch which INI file I’m using.

A similar approach can be used for ucybdbun and ucybchng.