Hint for the first time implementation of the JAVA Work, and Communication Processes

Discussion created by Josef_Kaiser-Muehlecker_99 on Feb 16, 2018

 If you setup and install the JWP for the first time, you can run and execute, the following command:java -jar ucsrvjp.jar –setup

This mentioned command has to be execucted in the bin directory of the Automation Engine Server. 

The system then verifies that the JDBC driver is available and that the database connection could be established. The UCSRV.INI file will automatically updated as well with the new generated connection string in section: [JDBC] 

Hence, it would be a very good test if the connection of the newly created JWP and JCP works.


Please note that this information will be also available in our online documentation. Unfortunately, we cannot predict the exact date. This article is then obsolete and, will be deleted.