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Remove last character of a String

Question asked by MihailCheie604746 on Feb 19, 2018
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Can someone help me get past a problem?

I am using a script object that retrieves a list of workflows that should have active periods in Activities Window. To do that, the script makes use of a VARA.SQLI object. The values retrieved by the VARA are then included in a report:

:   PRINT "Check for extra/missing periods in Activities Window: &RET2#"

All good, but i need to remove the last character from the values retrieved and I could not find a way around this. As an example,the results of the script are added in a report and sent in an email as attachment but the output looks like this:

2018-02-19 10:03:09 - U00020408 Remove this period from Activities Window: JOBP.UC4_CHECK_BILLY
2018-02-19 10:03:09 - U00020408 Check the following missing periods in Activities Window: JOBP.IN_WIP_ISSUE_RTN_INB_ERP_NSK_C4

I basically want to get rid of the last character from the bolded value. This means that i would like to use a script function to remove that last character from &RET2#

For now I tried using STR_CUT,MID,SUBSTR but with no results. Is there a simple way to achieve this?

Thank you!