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Unable to define a variable as an ARRAY.

Question asked by NARASIMHAGUDI607075 on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by NARASIMHAGUDI607075
Hello Guys!

I've been trying to create script that force deactivates Run ID. For FORCED deactivation, I'm unable to use the following:

When I enter this line in the script, I'm getting the following error: 

UC4 Version 12.0.2+build.5745
Error: U04006586 Error found in object 'SCRI.CHECK_JOBS_ENDED_OK(Process)', line
'12'. ('U01001319 Too many parameters are defined for function

I even tried defining &RUNNR# variable as an ARRAY using the following:

:  DEFINE &ARRAY#, string, 50

Yet, I'm getting the same error.

Could anyone please advise what changes do I need to make to fix this error?

Thank you!