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[solved] Problem with the Postconditions in the Automic Web Interface (12.1.1)

Question asked by TobiasSteurer602951 on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2018 by TobiasSteurer602951
Hey everyone,

we have a problem in the Automic Web Interface with the postconditions. We want to update our Automation Engine very soon and are doing tests right now, during which we found this possible bug. We don't know if the problem existed in versions older than 12.1.1 but we can't accept this in our productive system.

Description of the problem:
When we maintain postconditions in a workflow with the following commands, we can't save the changes because of a missing parameter.

The parameter marked in yellow is already existing in the User Interface version 10.0.8 but there you can save the workflow after editing without problem.

Does anyone in the community know this problem and maybe even a solution for it?

Thanks in advance,

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