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SCRI triggered by JSCH has a wrong status

Question asked by MarcoTizzoni604411 on Feb 23, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2018 by Wolfgang_Brueckler_1288
I have SCRI object (takes a PRPT object as input), like the one below:
:IF &EXIST# <> ''
:  STOP MSG, 50, '*** Processing for reference date &REFERENCE_DATE# is still on-going. Exit!'
It works fine if executed manually.
If triggered by a JSCH object it is correctly deactivated when the SCRI ends the execution successfully, i.e. the IF condition is not met and the STOP command is skipped.
However, if the IF condition is met the STOP is executed and the script execution halted.
When this happens:
 - The task is not deactivated, even though it is configured to be always deactivated manually
 - The executions monitoring view shows the task in status FAULT_OTHER
 - The JSCH monitoring view shows the task as "Generating"

To fix the problem I have to manually modify the status of the task to ENDED_NOT_OK, it is then deactivated correctly.

I tried also with the EXIT function and the CANCEL_UC_OBJECT(&$RUN_ID#) but the behavior is similar.

Any suggestions on how to solve the issue and why this is happening?