Error: Please insert disk 3

Discussion created by Eisa_Heinig_9316 on Mar 1, 2018
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Several Customers had an Issue while installing the Automation Engine or other Automic Program:

A pop-up window showing the message "Please insert disk 3" while running Setup.exe.



The above error message may be encountered when performing an install if:
1.      retrieving files from a shared drive as opposed to a local drive.
2.      the path to the setup.exe file is too long (ie. C:\Users\Person\Install\Automic\setup.exe).


Move the Install files to a local drive. The install script has issues trying to locate the necessary files because it's on a shared drive. If this doesn't work (or if it is not applicable), move the installation media to a shorter path (copy the x64 directory to C:\Desktop, for example, instead of C:\Users\Person\Install\Automic\etc).
If the issue persists after moving the files to a local path and/or shortening the installation path, please open a ticket with Support for further analysis of the issue.