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SET_SYNC not updating the sync object

Question asked by shravani_vedantham_6826 on Mar 7, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2018 by shravani_vedantham_6826

Hello again!

We have a script which updates a sync after comparing the current date and the business date. It was working fine till last week, but it stopped working/updating the sync now. It is included as part of a workflow. Tried it outside of the work flow and it still wouldn't update.

Would like to know how to trouble shoot the issue, as I don't have any errors nor I am aware of any debug mode for AE scripting like in Linux (set -x). Attaching the script which updates the sync and the sync object itself

The &SYNCH# value is always  N even when the difference is 0



:PRINT Date Difference is &DIFF#

:IF &DIFF# = 0
:    P "Bizday matches current date.  OK!"
:    P &SYNCH#
:    IF &SYNCH# = "Y"
:   PRINT "Sync condition EXCLUSIVE was set!"
:   PRINT "Sync condition EXCLUSIVE was not set!"