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Discussion created by MatthiasSchelp on Mar 8, 2018
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Hey guys,

I always found it pretty hard to decide which environment and client I'm working in when using the new Web Interface. During the good old Java client days I used to choose a color on login. That worked fine till V12

Well, it still is available in V12 and V11, but man are they hard to recognize. So I developed a Tampermonkey script that colors AWI tabs in a client specific color. Looks like this for my Test environment ...


If you're interested: I uploaded the script to github. In order to install you need the Tampermonkey browser plugin, which is available for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Edge (sorry IE users). Create a new script, copy and paste the content of AWIcolors (see github link below) into that script and configure the colors (again see description on github)

Github Link:

Tampermonkey homepage (just for reference)

Tested on Firefox with V12.1.x. May not work with V11.x (sorry I don't have a V11 test environment). Free to use, free of charge, comments welcome.
Have fun,