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Saimptlogi batch went to FAULT OTHER MODE due to "U0020386 Runtime error in object 'BATCH_SAIMPTLOGI

Question asked by SudharsonNarayanamoorthy603801 on Mar 13, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2018 by MatthiasSchelp

Recently, we faced issue with SAIMPTLOGI batch where it went to FAULT OTHER MODE with the error as mentioned in the description above. Batch_Saimptlogi picked 833 RTLOG files and then went to Fault Mode though MAX_JCL_LINES = "10000" is set for this batch in process tab. (Attached the snippet from process tab of BATCH_SAIMPTLOGI batch). Batch_Saimptlogi went to fault mode twice when files being picked by the batch reaches 833.

I believe,  for one RTLOG file - max JCL lines generated is 4. so for 833 RTLOGS, roughly it is 1668 JCL Lines which is much lesser than the attribute defined which is 10000. 

Can someone explain me, how this works ?


I have also gone through few links, where it states that max JCL Line that can be defined is 2,147,483,647 . Perhaps, I would like to understand what exact value to be set  in order to avoid SAIMPTLOGI going to FAULT OTHER MODE.

In added, we will get an average of 600 RTLOG files per run. Worst Case is 1200.